Is There Self-Esteem in Your Selfie?

PUBLISHED on Mar 14, 2016

“Life is what you make of it,” is what they say.  Also, “Hold your head up high,” “Never Give Up,” and countless more motivational quotes can be found online.

When I check my Twitter or Instagram pages in the morning, I notice and read all of the motivating quotes my friends and fans have on their sites.  Do they actually live by these quotes, I wonder?  Or, do many people just post a quote or meme because it sounds good?  I will never know, because we each have our own motivations.   (more…)

Dressed in White

PUBLISHED on Feb 3, 2016

“Rimaaaaaa! Where did all the toilet paper go?!” my mother would often yell in frustration.

Like most young girls, I dreamed of my wedding day.

I would combine streams of toilet paper and stick them into the waistband of my pants to make a long train, as if I were Princess Diana on her wedding day. (more…)


PUBLISHED on Dec 19, 2015

This morning I went for a jog and stopped by a tree to stretch.  Across the street was an elementary school playground filled with kids in high spirits. One young girl in particular caught my eye.  She had curly black hair, a sweater that is too large on her, and an addicting enthusiastic smile.  As she ran around playing tag with her friends, I wondered if my future daughter, God willing, would look like her.  Then, I realized that the little girl was the memory of me.  When I attended elementary school, P.S. 69, in Jackson Heights, Queens, life seemed so simple and safe compared to the constant threats of war I had left behind.


No Rain. No Gain.

PUBLISHED on Dec 11, 2015

I woke up this morning in Southern California to the sound of raindrops. There is something about a rainy day that gives me the feeling of being a little girl, once again.

As a child, in Lebanon, we often had to run and hide from the destructive powers of the war. That was what we had to do to survive. As an adult, I never understood why people run and hide from something as simple as rain. It’s only water!