No Rain. No Gain.

I woke up this morning in Southern California to the sound of raindrops. There is something about a rainy day that gives me the feeling of being a little girl, once again.

As a child, in Lebanon, we often had to run and hide from the destructive powers of the war. That was what we had to do to survive. As an adult, I never understood why people run and hide from something as simple as rain. It’s only water!

What is the worse that can happen? You might need a new blow-out for your hair, or another car wash. Or, maybe, like most people, you haven’t washed your car in weeks. Perhaps the rain causes you to be delayed in traffic. That’s the perfect time to create a new music playlist to help motivate you on a morning jog.

I’ve come to accept that no matter how difficult things may get, the challenges still have much more to offer.

In today’s world, we desire to have everything the easy way and we avoid struggle whenever we can. However, without struggle or effort how would we ever know the true feeling of accomplishment or winning?

If the Miss Universe or Miss U.S.A. crown was handed to every young girl who wanted one, without ever competing against hundreds of other amazing females, would there be any happiness or sense of accomplishment in winning the title?

How could any football player celebrate the hard work of being a true champion if every single football team were handed a Superbowl trophy?

You’ve heard the expression “the struggle is real,” and it is. But that struggle is also the best opportunity you will have to achieve greatness on any level, from winning a crown, a trophy, an A+ on a school paper, or even finding your first job.

If it weren’t for the rainstorm this morning, I wouldn’t have had the benefit of feeling the joy of the sunshine through the afternoon clouds.

– Rima Fakih