Is There Self-Esteem in Your Selfie?

“Life is what you make of it,” is what they say. Also, “Hold your head up high,” “Never Give Up,” and countless more motivational quotes can be found online.

When I check my Twitter or Instagram pages in the morning, I notice and read all of the motivating quotes my friends and fans have on their sites. Do they actually live by these quotes, I wonder? Or, do many people just post a quote or meme because it sounds good? I will never know, because we each have our own motivations.

I believe that everything reveals itself with time. If we truly believe in our goals and what we want, then no one else’s opinion or quote can distract us from our motives.

A friend that I’ve known for years stopped by my house, recently. I was showing her around when said she was so impressed by what I had in my closet. She acted very surprised by it and I finally asked her “why?”

“I didn’t know you had such nice stuff. You never post any of it.” This was her answer.

I tried to forget about being annoyed, but I’m sure my face showed it.

I told her, “Why would I post pictures of things? These clothes and bags don’t make me. I make them by giving them purpose. They don’t give me purpose.”

I was sad for my friend because making materialistic things, social media, and what others might think of you, become your important motive is sure to end in unhappiness. Anyone can like “stuff.” But do you like YOU?

Your selfie doesn’t have to be perfect and your quote never has to sound good to others. Only to YOU!