Dressed in White

“Rimaaaaaa! Where did all the toilet paper go?!” my mother would often yell in frustration.

Like most young girls, I dreamed of my wedding day.

I would combine streams of toilet paper and stick them into the waistband of my pants to make a long train, as if I were Princess Diana on her wedding day.

My mother would often speak of Princess Diana’s wedding dress, an image that streaked across all of Europe like a wave of royalty.

I too wanted to feel like a princess on my big day.

God has blessed me with the historic crown of Miss U.S.A. and, as of 2015, God has blessed me with true love.

My true love and I are planning to be married soon and now my dreams from childhood can become a reality.

Unfortunately, choosing the right dress is not as easy as pilfering toilet paper rolls from the bathroom cabinet.

As soon as the word got out that I’m to be married, the non-stop questions began.

“Rima what style dress do you want?

Do you want a long train? Would you like it covered with Swarovski crystals or just white lace?

Are you choosing a long veil or short?

Do you plan to change into a second dress for the reception? Rima, are you listening? Rima? Pick. Which designer?”

All I wanted to do is scream “STOP!!! Please, let me think.”

I know as a former Miss USA I should quickly know what gown to choose to wear for my strut down the aisle, but it really is not that easy.

This day is the most important day of my life! I met my Prince Charming,

my best friend, my soul mate. All I want on my special day is to feel beautiful in his eyes and comfortable in my skin.